Visit Skultuna

Over 400 years in the same place

The Skultuna Brass foundery is still located in the very same place as when the mill was founded in 1607. The Brass foundery is located in an enchanting valley in the heart of the idyllic province of Västmanland. Here you find a large number of historical buildings that recently have been renovated and filled with interesting activities. We are open all year round, all days of the week. For more information please vistit

The Flagship Store in Skultuna was renovated in 2015 in the same style as the Concept Store in Stockholm. The Concept Store is designed by Thomas Sandell and opened in 2013. In Skultuna there is also two other Factory Shops that resides in newly renovated 19-th century factory buildings and offers a large range of design products.

The Museum is located in Skultuna in newly renovated 19-th century factory buildings and has a free entrance. The chef at the new Bistro Bruket serves well cooked lunches every day with wine as well as newly-baked pastries and tasty sandwiches. In the summers you can relax in the sun on our terrace along the Svartå stream.

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