Harald Edelstam for Human Rights - Cuff & Pin


The Harald Edelstam Collection - The Swedish diplomat and Ambassador, Harald Edelstam (1913-1989), has become a worldwide hero in his bravery and his civic courage in the fight for Human Rights. During World War II, Edelstam worked as a diplomat in Nazi-occupied Norway. There he saved the lives of hundreds of Norwegian Jews and Resistance fighters who came to call Edelstam the “Black Pimpernel”. Later Edelstam became the Swedish Ambassador to Chile during Augusto Pinochet’s coup d’etat in 1973. He worked for and obtained the release of more than a thousand people from the concentration camps. During his life time, he saved more than 1500 people.

  • Brand Skultuna 1607
  • Material Enamel & Gold plated brass
  • Measurements 15mm (onesize)
  • Art no 998-BL


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