Kolte Small Bowl - Black


The Swedish designer Olof Kolte has designed an elegant bowl in polished brass that comes in two sizes and two diffent colors of powder coating. Designed 2002.

  • Design Olof Kolte
  • Brand Skultuna
  • Material Brass & Color powder coat
  • Measurements H 40mm Ø 80mm


  • Sizing
    - Bangles and bracelets are measured diagonally - Leather bracelets are measured by circumference - Cuff Links are measured in total product height
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    Please contact us with any questions -
    Via email webshop@skultuna.com or call +46 (0)21-78303. We reply within 24h.

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Skultuna 1607

For over 400 years the lustre of Skultuna brass has illuminated the world. With classic designs from the time of our founder King Karl IX of Sweden, as well as with ground breaking antiquities of tomorrow by leading international designers. And herein lies the formula to why today Skultuna can be found at leading department stores all around the world, has won a number of international design awards and regularly exhibits at the leading international design fairs - we have always been, and will always be, one part traditional craftsmanship and one part modernity.

Timeless design

Modernism arrived to the old factory in Skultuna with the silversmith Pierre Forssell in the 1950s. Today Skultuna works with a long list of renowned international designers. Skultuna products can be found at leading department stores all around the world and Skultuna has won a number of international design awards. The production in the factory in Skultuna is continuing in an unbroken line since the early 17th century.

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