Care instructions

Skultuna products are made of solid brass without surface treatment if nothing else is stated. Brass and copper are living materials that oxidizes with time and needs care by their owner to keep fresh through the ages. The oxidize protects the metal and prolongs the lifespan, on the inside of vases and flower pots this is desirable and should not be removed. On the outside, it's a matter of taste whether you polish it or not. Brass will naturally darken over the years and fingerprints, grease, water etc may leave stains on the surface. If you wish to keep the high polished surface you will need to polish the brass regularly. We recommend a gentle non-abrasive metal polish like Glanol.

Glanol is applied with a dry cloth, if heavily stained let it sit for a while, then polish the surface until clean and shiny again.

We do not recommend a water-soluble polish for polished brass as the water may leave stains unless you dry it very carefully.

For our treated brass products we recommend the following:

Gold plated brass – Wipe with a dry cloth. If needed polish with car wax, for example Turtle wax.

Silver plated brass – Use a gentle metal polish on a dry cloth, we recommend Glanol Soft.

Brushed brass – On brushed brass we recommend a water soluble cleanser, make sure to thoroughly dry the surface afterwards. We recommend Bistro.

Etched brass – Etched brass tends to get the polish stuck in the holes so here we recommend the water soluble polish Bistro as well.

Brass should never be placed in a dishwasher, no matter the surface treatment.

Jewellery – For enamel, steel and gold plated items we recommend cleaning with water and soap, wipe completely dry with a soft cloth. For silver plated items use a special silver cleaning product. We recommend that you keep items away from contact with perfume, bath, pool and sea water. Leather parts - Leather is a natural material, do not clean with any household cleaning fluid. Please try to keep it dry at all times, let it dry naturally.

Carefully treated, your Skultuna product will accompany you for generations to come.